Derived from an old spelling of ‘Kashmir’, the word ‘cashmere’ denotes a material fine in texture, which, although strong, possesses certain lightness and a distinguishing softness, resembling silk, displayed in many different colours around the world. Colours are essential to certain representations of life, but mono-chromatic schemes can work wonders when the focus is meant to be on the essence contained within an image. Black&white themes allow for balck&white shadows and can pave a road from past times to present realities, throwing you into a dark corner or lighting up a detail that can frighten you, provoke you, or chain you to a site of unexpected occurrences. Images can, thus, speak much louder than words. The term ‘cashmere’ has not been associated with photography so far, but it could be viewed as accurately describing art works that, by definition, involve a mixture of sensations joined together to yield a strong, yet delicate feeling to be experienced by the initiated viewer.
This particular choice of words is meant to foster a unique journey into the art of photography, to invitingly open a departure gate towards the mysteries of another world. This site is meant to facilitate your immersion into world of photography, to help you delight in its intensity, to make you feel its particular rhythm of life and enjoy its freedom. My work mirrors who we are, as human beings, encourages a deep analysis of the elements of life as reflected in this particular form of art, invites you to delight in a mixture of various perceptions and points of view.
Inspiration can come from every breath of fresh air, from every heartbeat, as long as you allow yourself to temporarily disappear into the world of art, to undergo the transition from word to world, while admiring the sublimely woven texture of the captured image. The feeling that might arise is like an endless resonance of ideas and dreams, like the echoing sound of broken glass turned into a symphony of sounds, like a moonlight sonata, but high up above, in another dimension. The particular dimension of photography. Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling that it is raining inside of you, and you just decide to simply listen to the smooth sound of the waves in the making. Or imagine that you are on a lonely drive, in the middle of nowhere, and then you free your mind, you have a vision of many different other lives, as if you were listening to a never ending symphony. There arises a call of solitude forging its way between reality and dreams. What does it feel like? It can only feel like love … or, better yet, like falling in love… The passion, the intimacy…
With my own eyes, with my own soul, I discovered, a long time ago, the universe of photography. I fell in love completely with its rich universe and I realised that I truly belonged to this form of art. An art that fuels our dreams and hopes, reflecting the ‘perpetuum mobile’ nature of our ever-changing lives, offering an image of the ocean of flowing thoughts that permeates our existence. This is a journey from the first stages of richly imaginative sleep, to the first step of an endless walk inside the labyrinth of photographic art, projected into the outside reality of our audience. And the silence that sometimes surrounds us can suddenly be given a voice. The image begins to speak; it has a voice of its own. Choose the one that speaks for you. Treasure it for what it is, or endow it with new meaning, in giving it to the one you love. It will speak for you. It will speak with you. Communication is the key to whatever kingdom you wish to conquer. A photo can change life. It can change your life and the lives of those you love.
Join me on this journey, for purposes aesthetic and practical alike! Every new image can give wings to your imagination. Every new frame can help you mould your reality in a different way. Let your imagination run wild, let yourself be free and waltz with me in this form of art, cause life is an ‘’Unfinished Symphony’’ !