Ramona Nicoleta Ariesan

photographer and writer

  • born on 25 April, 1979, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • photo exhibitions:
    • 2008 Cluj-Napoca ‘Still Escape‘ – at Zorky Photo Café
    • 2009 Cluj-Napoca ‘Journey to Infinity’ at Zorky Photo Café
    • 2008-2010 Cluj-Napoca – various exhibitions at The Art Gallery
  • currently studying Psychology
  • graduate of The School of Fine Arts – Phoyographic Art and Art History at ‘Tudor Jarda’ in Cluj-Napoca: 2007-2010
  • degree in Photographic Art at Nufarul Photographic Art in Oradea: 2005
  • publications:
    • 2005 Julienne’s Diary (Jurnalul lui Julienne)
    • 2008 The Ocean of Infinity (Oceanul infinit)
  • world traveller: her journeys are mirrored in her work – Rome, Venice, the Adriatic Sea, Barcelona, Bruxelles, Punta Cana, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Bratislava, Greece, Egipt, Munich, Antalya, Tunis, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Saint Tropez, etc.
  • future project: ‘Journey to infinity: through her eyes and soul’: Asia, Africa , Sri Lanka.